SecondBite Foodmate Program

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secondbite SecondBite has partnered with the City of Melbourne, Doutta Galla Community Health and Melbourne City Mission to deliver their 8-week FoodMate program – a cooking and nutrition program to develop ‘food independence’ amongst young people experiencing homelessness. Moving food is not enough for SecondBite.

The causes of food insecurity need to be addressed to make a lasting difference, and that’s why they’ve created the FoodMate program.To achieve food independence, FoodMate by SecondBite aims to:

1. Increase Food Access – SecondBite delivers fresh rescued food hampers of fruit, vegetables, bread, milk and eggs to the host agency. Case-workers take these hampers, complete with recipe ideas and nutrition education activity sheets, directly to the homes of their clients who are participating in FoodMate.
2. Facilitate Nutrition Education – Case workers integrate SecondBite’s nutrition education and skill-development activities into the 8-week program. There’s a new theme each week – food budgeting, healthy cooking, shopping, label reading, food safety and food storage.
3. Promote Community Inclusion – Post-program pathways are developed throughout the 8-week program by making vital connections to local food and community programs to ensure ongoing support and capacity building beyond FoodMate.

Click here for more information.

News from ARRCC

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ARRCC Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) recently held a prayer vigil near the site of Whitehaven’s new coal mine at Maules Creek in Northern NSW. The religious leaders and lay people blessed the work of protesters and prayed with them. They then joined in the civil disobedience action, ending in three arrests. To clarify, ARRCC as an organisation respects the law, but we recognise that individuals can rightly be moved by personal conviction to responsibly engage in civil disobedience of an unjust law. Thank you to all those who have expressed support and admiration. This has started some discussion about the place of civil disobedience.

Check out their website for more news

News from Familia Moja

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Familia-Moja A busy start to 2014

It has been a very busy first three months at Familia Moja. Firstly we celebrated Christmas and New Years in our own home for the very first time. Our Christmas feast included goat and quails and by night the little ones watched The Fantastic Mr Fox and the older girls swooned over Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo & Juliet. For NYE we had a music video dance party in the home. In January we started the new school year; with 25 children in primary, 11 in secondary, 1 in a special needs and 2 of children have ‘exited’ the home and will be supported in our outreach program as they commence vocational training. We had a many visitors during this time, a big thank you to each of you who visited the home, bringing gifts and helping us start the year well. A special thank you to Josh Kusch who spent two months with us and was of great assistance in the hectic re-enrolment period of the year.

Vegetable Garden

Our vegetable garden was thriving with the December rains but is now looking a little worse for wear after a hot January and February.
We are busy looking at avenues to save/recycle water, because if we can provide regular water to the vegetable garden we will be able to source all of our own vegetables from the home. Please forward any ideas you would like to share or organisations that fund food sustainability to

Baking our way to a self sustainable future

Familia Moja is proud to announce that we will be starting our very own bakery very soon! We have extended the building at the front of our land into a 2 room bakery plus a room to be used as a shop. This month we purchased the ovens, mixer, slicer, baking trays and all other equipment to start the bakery very soon. Next month we will conduct interviews to employ a qualified baker and baker assistant.

We are confident that our bakery will:
• cover over 75% of the orphanage running costs,
• reduce the monthly budget,
• enrich the diet of the children in our care,
• great work experience for the children as potential trainee bakers and working in the shop,
• employ additional local staff and;
• provide a valuable service to the wider community.

A big thank you to everyone who supported us to take this next steps towards self sufficiency. A special thank you to Isobel Knowles, Coopers Investors, The Nobuntu Foundation, The African Leaf Foundation, Chuffed and Everyday Coffee for their support.

Click here to find out more:


OASES: A Week on the Homelands of Uluru

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kanyini-OASES-blog Short Course: Kanyini

This is a rare opportunity to spend 7 days in Uluru with Aboriginal elder, Uncle Bob Randall, and the Mutitjulu community as they share the wisdom and teachings of the spiritual philosophy, Kanyini. This course provides a privileged and personal experience of Aboriginal culture and its connection with the spirituality of the dreaming. Share in this life changing experience of land and culture travelling as a small group into the red heart of Australia.

This is a uniquely Australian story and encompasses the icon of both black and white Australia. Uncle Bob will share his wisdom on aspects of Kanyini including, connections with the dreaming, place, family relationships and the spirit. The group then spends time out bush, learning from the elders their ways of being on the land. This is a rare privilege for the group attending and generous opportunity to share their stories. Teaching Kanyini and sharing Aboriginal culture, knowledge and spirituality with all Australians and beyond, are an integral part of Bob’s vision.

Sunday 11 – 18 May

Click here for more information



IWDA: Gifts of Change

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We all know billions of dollars will be spent in Australia this festive season. Today is your opportunity to share a gift with your loved one while contributing to the empowerment of women.Gifts of Change lets you show your support for gender equality and your love for someone who cares about it

When you buy Gifts of Change, you’ll receive a card or e-card to give to your loved one explaining how their special gift empowers others and how your donation is responsible for transformational change for women.

By choosing Gifts of Change, you’ll be enabling women and girls across Asia and the Pacific receive the best support possible.

Gifts start at only $26 and reflect actual program costs. There really is something for everyone this season:

  • $26 – is a month’s worth of record-keeping books and supplies for women who do not have access to formal banking services in Solomon Island
  • $73 – is a week of food for the women who come to a safe house in Cambodia
  • $110 – is a scholarship for a legal officer to become qualified to represent clients in Timor-Leste

Celebrate the season by sharing Gifts of Change with someone you care about

Order online today at

We are the only Australian development agency entirely focused on gender equality and women’s rights in Asia and the Pacific.

IWDA’s vision is for a just, equitable and sustainable world where women enjoy the full range of human rights, where women and men interact with dignity and respect, and where women have an effective voice in economic, cultural, civil and political structures.

The Ethical Consumer Guide: New Edition

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Ethical guide blog The seventh edition of the popular ethical consumer guide is now available.

It will be making its way into bookstores Australia-wide over the next 2 weeks, but in the meantime you can grab a copy at

Shop Ethical! The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping is a handy pocket-sized guide designed to help you match your shopping habits with your values. It’s the ideal size for keeping in your bag for quick reference so every time you shop in a supermarket you can make an informed decision about where your money goes. This completely updated edition includes improved categorisation and tips on shopping beyond the supermarket while still tracking the ever-increasing consolidation of company ownership.

Makes a great Christmas present!

ASRC: Christmas Appeal

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ASRC-blog Become a founding member of the new Home of Hope. Donate to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Christmas Appeal.

The situation for asylum seekers in Australia is the worst it’s been in 30 years. On top of this, the ASRC is being forced out of its home in West Melbourne, just at a time when demand for services is expected to increase by 300%.

The good news is that the ASRC has found a new home in Footscray, three times the size of the current Centre. From this new home, the ASRC will be able to care for over 4,000 asylum seekers in 2014. Moving will only be possible with your donation.

The ASRC urgently need $1 million this Christmas to secure the long-term future of the ASRC.

Click here for more information about how to donate.

Kailash Humla Children’s Home: Human Rights in Tibet

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Humlablog In the lead up to Human Rights Day, Kailash Humla Children’s Home are highlighting the plight of the Tibetan refugee community. About two million Tibetans have been displaced in the past seven years, this has occurred from a mass rehousing and relocation’ policy enforced by the Chinese. These Tibetans have lost their livelihood and future.

An estimated 150,000 Tibetans are living in exile most of which now preside in India, Nepal and Bhutan.
Everyone has the right to nationality, to education to freedom of thought, to conscience and religion to the privacy of family and home, and the freedom of movement within one’s own borders.

These rights have been removed from the Tibetan community, along with the right to learn one’s own language, culture and religious beliefs.

Kailash Humla Children’s Home have been fortunate to meet a small part of this community living in the far NW region of Nepal. Join them on their journey to share their delight as they attempt to re-establish a sense of community through language, culture and education.


Update from Friends Vision

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FriendsVisionnewspost Friends Vision have had a very busy year in Kenya helping to lay the ground work for new projects and network within the local community (amongst many other things!). Here’s an update on their Children’s Home and Child Sponsorship Program:

Children’s Home
We are slowly getting closer to being able to start building our first children’s home in Kenya.  We purchased 3 acres of land in 2010 and have only just been able to make it through the final building and permit approvals of our blue prints with the local council.  I wont begin to tell you how difficult even the smallest tasks in Kenya can be to complete with so many challenges and disruptions that seem to constantly occur at any time.  So we are very happy to finally be at this stage and have began getting quotes to build the home from local contractors though these have nearly doubled since we began Friends Vision as inflation and corruption in Kenya seems to grow everyday.  We are now looking at around USD$35,000 for each home to be built (each home will house 10 children) so are again beginning to fundraise to make a start on this as soon as we can.  Much of the funds previously raised were used for council fees, land rates, Government charges and architect fees so we are now looking into new ways to generate funds to finally begin building our home for the children.  Donations for this project can be made through our website by clicking here.

Child Sponsorship Program
Our new child sponsorship program has been running well this year with lots of new sponsors signing up for our new price of just $25 per month.  This has allowed us to send 38 children to 5 different schools across Kenya.  The children had a great year even though it was disrupted by the Presidential elections in March and a number of teachers strikes, they still powered through their terms.  All the children are now on school break for the Christmas holidays and will begin back at school again in January 2014.  We had 3 students sit for their Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) last week which involves a week long of exams and the results of this will determine which High Schools they can eligible to join next year so we are wishing them all the best for this (though all 3 feel they did pretty well). Some of our children were lucky enough to have school field trips to the Tanzanian border, visit national parks and we had a big guardian visiting day mid year which we took the kids to a local resort for a fun filled day of swimming, jumping castles, great food, lollies, balloons and some gifts and letters from their international sponsors.  We are always searching for new sponsors in our program to help us provide the best education and care we can for our children so take a look at our sponsorship section on our website by clicking here if you would like to join us and create a bright tomorrow for our kids.


Why We Support People & Planet

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People & Planet are supported by approximately 50 bookstores and gift stores across Australia. We always love hearing from them about why they choose to stock our products.

“I chose to stock People & Planet as I feel that every purchase we make should make a difference. Through each of these diaries, calendars and cards we can help 41 different organisations. The number of individual lives this impacts is just incredible.”
Ethical Living

“We stock People & Planet products because they are so beautiful and tell a wonderful story. Photography is so important to our store and our customers so we are sharing something visual we all love. People and Planet are simply one of our favourite gifts!”
Wake Up on Earth

“We stock People & Planet calendars because our whole business is about supporting others, the heart of Fair Trade, as well as that they are so beautifully designed. It’s great to have a diary and calendar that reminds us every day of the valuable work we are supporting.”
Just Planet

“Readings has been a supporter of the People & Planet Diary and Calendar for a number of years. They’re always really popular with our customers and also allow us to support a bunch of great causes. Readings will continue to be right behind People & Planet!”
Readings Books

If you’re a bookstore or gift store and would like to stock the People & Planet diary, calendar and gift cards, please contact to receive information about wholesale orders. 

Friends Vision: Help us to Achieve Self-Sustainability

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Friends Vision is aiming to achieve self-sustainability and they need your help.

Sustainable projects will ensure the success of the organisation for many years to come. You can become involved by purchasing one of their products which will generate income and employment opportunities for people in need.

Friends Vision own 3 acres of land just outside Naivasha town where they plan to build homes for their children in the close future. While they continue to fundraise to build these homes, they have began small sustainable projects to help them become fully self-sufficient and move away from relying on donations.

These projects include farming the land to produce good quality crops that can be sold at the local market, creating fruit orchards, and breeding animals to sell and live off in the future. By purchasing plants, fruit trees, vegetables and farm animals you can help Friends Vision on the road to becoming self-sustainable and have access to fresh food for their children to grow up happy and healthy.


Familia Moja: Crowdfunding Campaign for New Bakery

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Mercy-Auma-2012b_web(blog) Familia Moja bakery campaign – Baking our way to a self sustainable future

Our campaign begins with bread. The smell, the warmth, the crunch on the outside and the wholesome middle. We think a bakery can be the beginning of self-sustainability.

From the beginning Familia Moja Children’s Home has collaborated with the local community to create and develop sustainable projects benefiting the children and the community.

A bakery is a low risk Income Generating Activity (IGA) that looks towards the future by providing a practical business today.

A bakery can:
• cover over 75% of the orphanage running costs,
• reduce the monthly budget,
• enrich the diet of the children in our care,
• employ additional local staff and
• provide a valuable service to the wider community.

Baking bread can make all the difference. Chip In to start Familia Moja Children’s Home to be self-sustainable.

A big thank you to Isobel Knowles for making the amazing animation featured on our Chuffed campaign page. Check out her work here:



SecondBite: Nutritious Food Rescue Commitment

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SecondBite Volunteers Founded in 2005, SecondBite is a national not for profit food rescue organisation. We are committed to ensuring access to fresh, nutritious food for people in need across Australia.

Recently we announced SecondBite’s Nutritious Food Rescue Commitment and launched the Commitment at the Public Health Association of Australia’s national conference (September 2013). This Commitment is a guideline on food rescue and redistribution processes that are in line with the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. It ensures that 95% of the food we rescue and redistribute is nutritious food.We have made this Commitment because people accessing community food programs deserve nutritious healthy food. SecondBite works in collaboration with programs to help ensure tasty and fresh food is available – building healthier communities across Australia.

Every day our staff and community partners record the food that is rescued, using a purpose-built online system. The food is weighed and categorised into nutritious and non-nutritious, then collated. It helps ensure more nutritious meals, parcels and food programs are available for community members.

SecondBite will continue to work with supporters to achieve our Commitment.  In 2014 SecondBite aims to redistribute 4.5 million kilograms of fresh food across Australia – reducing waste and improving health.

Prabhat Alloi: Supporting Education in India

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  Prahhat Alloi Prabhat Alloi Inc is a small Australian organisation that works with villages in India to support participatory and sustainable development. We work directly with the village head man, who personally contributes to the projects and who is dedicated to the people and to local community development. Our projects include a small children’s home, a school tuition centre for 200 primary school children, individual sponsorship of secondary school students, women’s groups supporting education, craft and industry development and a literacy program through our new library.

How can you get involved?

Buy a gift card

Give someone the gift of providing a bike for a secondary student who walks 10 km to and from school six days per week. Cost: second-hand bike cost $40; new bike $100.

Sponsor a child

Private tuition is essential for students to pass their exams in India and progress to the next class. Sponsor a secondary school student. Cost: $20 per month

Sponsor a whole class

Our village tuition centre provides a formal school environment for 200 children from eight villages. They come daily for two hours in the morning before attending their village school. This tuition helps them succeed at school. By sponsoring our school tuition centre, you can help us continue this fee service. Sponsoring a whole class of 20 to 30 students helps us to continue this free service. Cost: $45 per month

Come and visit!

Join us on our next cultural trip to visit the project area and see some of India. The next trip is in February 2013.


Or volunteer with us. Volunteering opportunities are available in Australia and in India.

For more details visit our website



Reverse Garbage: Helping People Be Waste-Wise

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Reverse Garbage_blog Not-for-profit, worker run co-operative, Reverse Garbage promotes environmental sustainability
and resource re-use.The organisation diverts approximately 2 tonnes of clean waste material from
Brisbane’s landfills each week – collecting from approximately 300 businesses in the greater
Brisbane area. Education is at the core of the organisation with environment and waste
focused art workshops forming a large part of the business.

Within themed workshop settings, participants are shown creative ways to reuse materials as well
as tips and techniques for working with salvaged materials. The three R’s (reduce, reuse and
recycle) are discussed and also the origins of many of the materials, with facilitators encouraging
participants to re-think the way that they see waste materials. Participants are often surprised to
hear about where the materials come from and excited to use salvaged junk to create wonderful
works of art, toys, decorations, home wares and more.

The Reverse Garbage workshop program is available to:

  • primary and secondary schools
  • childcare centres
  • outside school hours care facilities
  • public libraries
  • shopping centres
  • festivals
  • community groups and clubs throughout south-east Queensland.

Reverse Garbage also runs internal workshop programs for pre-schoolers, adults and school aged children at their warehouse in Woolloongabba. Themes include: Robots, Spaceships & Aliens, Wearable Art, Furry Friends, Pirates Ahoy, Musical Instruments, Bag Making, Puppets, Steampunk Jewellery, Masks, Fancy Fascinators and many, many more. Workshops can also be tailored to suit curriculum, groups and projects.

For more information on Reverse Garbage and their workshop programs, check out the website

IWDA: Run Melbourne Success!

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DSC_0099_blog In 2013, almost 100 runners, joggers and walkers took to the streets of Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney in an effort to raise $30,000 for International Women’s Development Agency partners in Timor-Leste.Here are the three partners that were the focus in 2013:1) Covalima Community Centre (CCC) who provide information, training and ongoing support to women in existing and new micro-business groups at the community level. Marcelina da Conceicao, Rural Women’s Development Project Officer at CCC, says her job in training the women is: “to teach them skills to better manage their finances, and to improve their family economies, which also enables them to send their children to school”.

2) Organisasun Haburas Moris (OHM) who provide ongoing support to micro-business groups to increase women’s financial management and leadership skills, linkages to markets, government and financial services. OHM believe it is essential for women to be active agents because “it…is the only way women will ever truly become empowered and fight for the freedom to live their lives independently and as equals”

3) Asistensia Legal ba Feto no Labarik (ALFeLa) is a newly independent organisation that provides legal aid to women and children who are experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse so that they can access the formal justice system and have their rights protected.

Run Melbourne is a different way for IWDA to engage with the wider community, introduce new people and organisations to what we do as well as allow us to deepen our engagement with current supporters.

We would like to invite you to be part of our team in 2014! If you would like information on the corresponding event in your state please contact

To be inspired, visit our website to see photos and a short video of the event

Kailash Humla: Building Education Infrastructure in Nepal

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Site of the new school building

Site of the new school building

Humla Region is in the very remote far west of Nepal and lies on the border with Tibet (now governed by China). Since Chinese occupation, the people from Tibet have had to flee into the Humla region of Nepal.The Humla region has no road access to Nepal, so they are forced to rely on what they can grow alone. The region isn’t very fertile due to high altitude and heavy snowfall in winter. Therefore, they rely on their small summer crop.Healthcare is limited or nonexistent. Death of infants, the young and women is common. Within the region Tibetans have the possibility to use their traditional medicine, however with no education, this is not possible.After visiting rural Nepal in 2009, we created Kailash Humla Children’s Home Australia, caring for 9 children until 2012 then increasing to 16 children. We recently raised enough to commence a school building and home in the region with the potential to continue expanding as funds are raised.With education, there is hope. Hope for a Tibetan refugee community and Rural Nepali community to grow together – using their education to help their community in farming this difficult arid region, provide healthcare, housing and further schooling.Help us complete our school building in Nepal!

Sausage sizzle at Masters Hardware store Nerang, Gold Coast. Sunday September 15, 10am-2pm. A great fundraiser, come and support us.

Brisbane based donations of baby/kids toys, equipment, furniture. If you’re having a clear out contact Leanne at 0411 029 346. We will pick up donations!

International Day of Friendship

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Photo credit: Friends Vision

30 July is the International Day of Friendship. We know that friendship can change the world. Someone reaching out to let us know we are not alone or celebrating our wins with us can be just the fuel we need to try harder and do more. Sometimes friendships reach across the entire planet.

Look at the difference a simple friendship is making in Kenya…

Friendship is the source of Friends Vision. Our name represents a group of friends from opposite ends of the world who meet while volunteering in children’s rescue centers. The experiences we had brought us together with a vision for a brighter tomorrow for the children of Kenya. Friendship is what holds our organisation together and connects people from different cultures and different backgrounds. It is what keeps us going through the hard times and picks us back up when we need a lift. Without the strong friendships we made and hold dearly, Friends Vision would never be. 

– Jannah Currie, Friends Vision

And in India…

Friends of Kolkata began with a group of five friends who travelled to India to make some new ‘bandhurā’ (Bengali friends). They were successful! They forged a bond with the Institute of Social Work based on mutual respect and helping each other grow. Our friendship is based on education, opportunity and understanding our differencesand how they can inform us. To volunteers in Australia friendship means couches, curries, the odd bottle of wine, having fun and the opportunity togive something back. Our friends in India help us to learn about different ways of life and how we can profoundly influence one another. In turn, we help them experience things that we often take for granted. Our friendship is best described by the magical smiles on the faces of children gaining an education.

– Martin Hemingway, Friends of Kolkata


In celebration of the amazing power of friendship, during July we are running a Photo Fest on the theme of friendship and social connectedness. Share your best photos with us between now and the International Day of Friendship using #ppfriends You can share on Twitter (@peopleplanetau) or on Facebook or Instagram – just use the #ppfriends and we will find you!

For Familia Moja, Connecting is Key to Success

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Familia Moja succeeds through partnershipsPartnerships are pivotal in making Familia Moja Children’s Home the place it is today. Our partnership with Jess White in Australia has given us the ability to provide quality care, education and love to the children in our care, whilst working towards self-sustainability.

Over the past two years Jess of Familia Moja in Melbourne, has led two group volunteering projects where volunteers from Australia, Europe and North America have complemented the skills of local teachers by running art and drama classes at local primary schools, in conjunction with working with tradespeople and laborers in the construction of our own home. Volunteers covered all their own expenses and fundraised to join these projects, which meant that 100% of money they raised went into the construction of the home. The volunteer fundraising efforts and events expanded our network of supporters and continues to let people around the globe know about Familia Moja.

Read More

National Refugee Week

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2012.5 ASRC June 16-22 is National Refugee Week. To find out more about what this week represents, we interviewed one of our fantastic partner organisations, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC).

What does National Refugee Week mean to ASRC?

National Refugee Week is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the significant contribution that asylum seekers and refugees make to the Australian community.  At the same time it’s important to highlight the need for a more humane, rights based policy. One that adheres to our Refugee Convention obligations.

What is ASRC’s vision for the lives of refugees in Australia now and in the future?

The ASRC’s vision is that all those seeking asylum in Australia have their human rights upheld and that those seeking asylum in our community receive the support and opportunities they need to live independently.  We want to see asylum seekers and refugees thriving in our community.

How is ASRC celebrating Refugee Week?

The ASRC Theatre group have  developed some amazing pieces that are being performed as part of the Light in Winter Festival at Federation Square.  The group’s multimedia piece is being shown daily on the big screen at 4.30pm and on Saturday 22nd June there will be a live performance of their theatre piece from 5:55pm-6:15pm and 7:05pm-7:25pm at Western Terrace, Federation Square (this space is located just above the ceremonial fire). For those who can’t make it to the festival you can view the multimedia piece here:

The ASRC is currently holding it’s annual winter appeal.  We are asking the community to stand up for asylum seekers by making a donation that will provide life-saving services over the winter months.  For every dollar donated the centre is able to generate $20 of services.  Donations can be made at: